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Mixing Pots (Pack of 50)

Polypropylene pots that come with the perfumery training kit and are used in the 5-step creation kits for making clients bespoke pefumes. They are just the right size for 100 drop sample.

US$ 7.50 /pack(50)
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What is feeeel... the smell..?

100 drops (about 2 ml/2 grams) is also the right quantity to make a 1/4 oz or a 7-8ml bottle of perfume. That's 2ml concentrate and 6ml of Alcohol(Ethanol) or PerfumersWorld's TM non-alcoholic Zolvent FleuressenceTM

* 50 Mixing Pots with covers per pack
* Translucent Polypropylene (PP)
* Solvent and Acid Resistant
* 5cc (=5ml) capacity
* Ideal for experiments
* Holds 100 drops comfortably for mixing customer's samples
* 100 drops - just enough for a 1/4 oz iSniffs perfume
* Splash and dust proof covers - screw on type

Great for sending smelling samples for assignments, evaluation and solid samples for GCMS Analysis.

Smelling Samples
These pots are not suitable to transport liquids but are a very good way to send smelling samples. The odour can last for weeks. Place a new sterilized cotton-wool ball into the pot, dropping just 2 drops of perfume or perfume compound onto the cotton-wool and tightly seal the lid. No liquids to declare and no leaking or breaking bottles to worry about.

GCMS Solid Samples
If using the pots with a Cotton Wool ball to send a 50-100 drop solid sample for GCMS Analysis please READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST

GCMS Liquid Samples
If sending liquid samples for GCMS analysis please use glass vials for this purpose as a small amount of liquid is required for the test.

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