Consultant Perfumer Service

Consultant Perfumer Service

Some clients require more than just training and for them a fuller consultancy service may be more appropriate.

The scope of the consultancy service we offer usually provides advice, guidance,training and troubleshooting in all areas of perfumery and aromatherapy product development.

We only offer a formulation service if we are employed as regular Consultant Perfumers.

If formulations are to be developed for specific product applications the client should supply a working sample of the unperfumed base.

Generally, the service starts with the client giving us a series of enquiries to work on. These enquiries are passed to our team of 5 perfumers with over 100 years experience between them. We then develop and offer formulations to answer those enquiries based on the clients requirements. Workflow is controlled by working on and completing one project at a time.

Unlimited* support via telephone or email or visits to PerfumersWorld subject to availability at the time and other commitments. *Unlimited, means in this context that the number of contacts or visits is not limited. However, in the event that the total time expended on the clients projects, telephone, answering email, travel etc. consistently exceeds 20 hours/month then this may be reviewed.

Matching samples. The client must supply a sample to work with not just a name of a product. We will not under any circumstances match samples or formulations that we have developed or supply to other clients.

GCMS Analysis DIY Interpretation

Samples to be matched will be analysed by some of the best GCMS facilities and technicians in the world. Expect out of the analysis of 3 samples on average to get one 95%+ correct, one between 80-90% correct and one poor one about 50-70% correct. Poor results may be for many reasons including the age of the sample or it may even have items in the formulation designed to obstruct analysis such as non-volatile fixed oils. It takes typically 4-8 weeks to get the results and the trial formulation to you.

Advice given by PerfumersWorld staff will be given with due care and attention but as PerfumersWorld has no control on how any advice will be understood or implemented, it is the clients responsibility to confirm this independently especially in relation to, but not limited to, GMP, safety, customs or laws.

The initial consultancy period is set at minimum of 12 months and thereafter reviewed and renewed on an annual basis. Initial consultancy fee to be invoiced at $10,000/month plus taxes and expenses, payable not later than the last day of each calendar month by transfer to a PerfumersWorld company bank account.

"Expenses" refers to disbursements outside the normal scope of the consultancy work such as travel outside of Bangkok, independent laboratory services or supply of samples but not limited to these.

When we develop formulations we will try to use readily available materials in the market. To ensure that we tailor formulation to the your capabilities we suggest you supply a list of your preferred raw materials and prices to use for calculations where price is an important factor. We will suggest additional raw materials if these are required for specific enquiries, formulation types. We may request the client to send samples of some materials to work with, especially if these are not standard qualities.