The Perfumer's Workbook Formulation Software

The Perfumer's Workbook is a formula writing program aimed at the professional perfumer, flavourist or trainee. It enables you to keep thousands of formulas in a compact easy to search version with lots of easy to use tools to help the professional or even complete beginner create better perfumes in less time.

"Young Lad! It takes seven years to become a perfumer, and after that you become a good perfumer or a bad perfumer." This was the admonishment to me as a young apprentice in the early 70's from Bert Abadi as he sat talking with my boss, Ken Burrows. Between them was over a hundred years of experience in the perfume business. How times have changed !, within one hour of running The Perfumer's Workbook you can write your first perfume or flavour formula even if you've never even seen an essential oil or aroma chemical in your life!

With our perfumery supplies too you can now create and produce your own unique perfume for yourself or your products (e.g. candles, cosmetics or toiletries)

Some of the main features include:

  • Raw material database with odour, synonyms, suppliers, etc.
  • Perfume and flavour formula composition
  • Visual display of odour characteristics
  • Relative odour strength and life of materials
  • Performance/stability in common applications
  • Formulations can be opened on MS Excel, MSWord or NotePad
  • Save 200,000 formulas on a CDRom (if you live long enough to write that many)
  • Shortens formula writing to up to a quarter of the time
  • Real time costing of compounds during creating
  • Prints out formulas - End handwriting mistakes in the lab

Plus : Just a glimpse of some of the more advanced features:

  • Graphic Odour Design Wizard to generate a formula from an odour description
  • Visual prediction of the odour of a compounds at every stage of evaporation
  • Algorithms that can modify odour characteristics automatically
  • Suggests alternative materials at the click of the mouse
  • Mixing 2 or more formulas together has never been easier
  • Reports on probable performance of compounds in over 30 applications
  • Check if that soap perfume will be suitable for lipsticks, incense or washing powder
  • Automatically generates a trial formula from pre-formatted descriptions we provide

There are 3 options currently available:

1) The Perfumer's Workbook Free Version
Download the Free version to get an idea of what you can do with The Perfumer's Workbook and register later if you need to. Runs on Windows or Mac.

Download The Perfumer's Workbook *Free* for Windows or Mac

Simply download and extract (unzip) the files.
Copy the folder to your Desktop or Apps folder.
The application can also be extracted to a USB thumbdrive or external drive and run from Mac or Windows.

2) The Perfumer's Workbook Registered Version Download & CD Rom
Buy or Free with The Perfumery Training Kit or if you have attended one of or 5-day Workshops. It runs on Windows or Mac. We recommended it for perfumery students and those who want a basic idea of how perfumes are made commercially. Contains a database of 625 materials to which you can add your own.
Your Licence Key and Password will be sent by email once your order is confirmed and the CDRom by registered post.

Registered Version - Main differences from the FREE version

  • Can be personalaized so your name prints on the formulas
  • Can edit raw material data to your preferences
  • Add your own prices
  • Set preferred units (grams, oz, lbs, Kgs etc.)
  • Add your own materials to the database.
  • As the Free version you can write a practically unlimited number of formulas

3) The Perfumer's Workbook Professional Edition
Designed for Professional Users Only. It comes with your own custom database - Recommended on its own only for professional users, i.e. those engaged in commercial production of perfume compounds and flavours.

Professional Licence - Main differences from the REGISTERED and FREE versions

  • Can be personalized so that only your company name shows
  • Remove any reference to PerfumersWorld
  • Can edit raw material data to your preferences
  • Comes with over 10,000 RM records added (= well over 3,000 unique materials.
  • Representing over 95% of raw materials used in perfume and flavor
  • Add your own prices, show mark-up price for compounds
  • Set preferred units (grams, oz, lbs, Kgs etc.)
  • Add your own materials to the database.
  • As the Registered version you can write a practically unlimited number of formulas
  • Optional extra - a simple stock useage module can be included
  • Optional - (Recommended and economical service for business users. The database can be set up at the time of purchase with your preferred RM names, prices, descriptions, suppliers etc. by us so you are ready to roll from day 1.

Code: The Perfumer's Workbook Professional Licence
Installed with your custom database of 3,000+ materials.
(Available with on-site installation, training and maintenance.)

The Perfumer's Workbook Professional Set-Up Service
An optional service available for Professional Licence holders at the time of purchase. Our technicians can set-up your company database on The Perfumer's Workbook with your own ID names, stock numbers, printing preferences etc. Select the number of materials (rows) that you want us to set-up for you on your database. Just US$1.00/material. This service is recommended for business users who want to be up and running from Day 1. Note: You still have over 10,000 records that you can import and modify yourself if you prefer. This service can include the input of your formulations too.

Contact PerfumersWorld for more information.

If you thought all programs were the same, you are in for a surprise. I guarantee it's nothing like your program at work. This is really designed for you to use on your home machine and for long term reference and archiving of formulas. You will find the program a little complex at first but Press F1 and follow the Quick Overview and you will be writing formulas quicker than you can say "Hydroxycitronellal". Read the readme file pwreadme.txt for the latest installation information. If you are unable to download the program please contact us.

Patch for Apple Mac El Capitan

Patch for Mac El Capitan OS X 10, some users report that they can't open their programs in the latest Mac update.

To get over this, download a fresh install of the Workbook Download here, unzip this to your application folder or desktop and then import your data from your previous version.

Open the program, under the Wizards menu, select "import database wizard", then point the wizard to your previous version. You may have to type it or right click on the previous version and click "Get Info". It looks something like "desktop/computer-name/".

Then click next and confirm. Contact us if problem still persist.

For more info about OS X 10 El Capitan bugs, check Bugs, bugs, and more bugs