Software The Perfumer's Workbook

The Perfumer's Workbook is a formula writing program aimed at the professional perfumer, flavourist or trainee. It enables you to keep thousands of formulas in a compact easy to search version with lots of easy to use tools to help the professional or even complete beginner create better perfumes in less time.

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Patch for Apple Mac El Capitan

A patch for Mac El Capitan OS X 10, some users report that they can't open their programs in the latest Mac update.

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The Perfumer's Workbook (Free Version)

Download the Free Version to get an idea of what The Perfumer's Workbook can do for you. Its like having your own assistant perfumer working for you.
compatible with windows and mac

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The Perfumer's Workbook (Registered Version)

The Registered Version gives you the freedom to add and tweak the names and descriptions of your own materials.

US$159.00 /user
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The Perfumer's Workbook (Professional Set-Up Service)

An optional service available for Professional Licence holders at the time of purchase. Our technicians can set-up your company database on The Perfumer's Workbook with your own ID names, stock numbers, printing preferences etc. Just US$1.00/material. Select the number of materials (rows) that you want us to set-up for you on your database. You still have over 10,000 records that you can import and modify yourself if you prefer.

US$1.00 /rows
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The Perfumer's Workbook (Professional Licence)

The Professional Licence is for the professional perfumer or flavourist. With well over 3,000 unique raw materials pre-loaded you have over 95% of all RM used in your DB.

US$5000.00 /user
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