Shipping Information

PerfumersWorld will ship to any country subject to the laws and restrictions in force at the time.

Currently, unless the customer has their own country's FDA approval and/or the authority to import, we cannot ship to:

  • Brazil

Shipping & Packing charges with guaranteed delivery are calculated as follows;

  • Basic shipping charge by registered air mail: $20.00. Delivery in 14-28 days.
  • Plus $0.50 bottling/packing charge per item.
  • Plus $0.01/gram weight adjustment.
  • Optional Courier Service: Additional costs and schedule will be quoted based on your location and order details.
  • Packing — 12 grams or less come in Amber dropper bottles, packed in sealed plastic containers. Larger sizes come in aluminium containers or steel drums. Please note that the rubber teats on our dropper bottles are designed for active use and on long term storage, particularly in a warm room, will decay. Tip: Replace the inner caps supplied while not in use.
  • Times are based on typical worldwide shipping times from payment confirmation to delivery.
  • In the event that the the order is 1) low weight 2) less than 10 items and 3) the destination does not have a specially high shipping rate, we will reduce the basic shipping charge accordingly.
  • As we supply these materials for educational purposes to students of perfumery they are rarely held up in Europe, the US or Japan by customs. As customs clearance is at an individual officer's discretion, it is the students responsibility to clear them if it does happen.
  • We include an invoice and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) in the package for shipping and clearing purposes in the unlikely event that they are required. The invoice with the shipment may be based on the insurance value of the materials without the service or educational components included.
  • We never aim to make money from the shipping charges and subsidise the shipping charges on over 90% of shipments.

Units used

Why we use weight for ordering.
PerfumersWorld uses weight, not volume (ml, cc, litres), as volume changes with temperature.
For this reason when you make perfume commercially we urge you use only weight to measure your materials.
1ml or 1cc = 1 gram*
10 grams = about 1/3 oz, 10ml*
1 oz. = 28.4 grams
1 lb. = 454 grams
Note: Actually 1 gram of most oils and materials is slightly more than 1ml that's why they float on water. There are a few exceptions like heavy solvents such as BB, BA, DPG, DEP. The exact calculation is determined by the density/specific gravity. (Specific Gravity = Weight / Volume at 25*C)