Musk Ketone
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Musk Ketone

Musk Ketone is natural musk dry powdery nitro floral-fruity sweet very tenacious musky discrete animal less floral ambrette all amber oriental aldehydic-floral leather chypre fixative soap gardenia mimosa abronea.

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The odour and uses of Musk Ketone

at 10.00 pc in benzyl benzoate. fatty musk soapy dry powdery: a suma abronia acacia cassie farnesiana amber ambrene amour-amour animal arpege baby powder balsam bellodgia cabochard carnation dianthus oeillet cedar chanel #5 chypre cinq fleurs forvil crabapple blossom dillenia elder flower emeraude fern fougere floral gardenia genet genista broom honeysuckle chevrefeuille hugonia japan flowers jasmin jicky joy juniper berry l'air du temps leather mimosa wattle moss musk my sin narcissus narcisse nemesia orange blossom fleur d'oranger oriental poppy red poppy powder presence rose red rose sandalwood scandal shalimar tabu violet vol de nuit wallflower giroflee windsor soap wistaria wisteria glycine woody ylang ylang cananga zibeline not found in nature :


1-(4-tert- butyl-2,6-dimethyl-3,5-dinitrophenyl)ethanone : 4'-tert- butyl-2',6'-dimethyl-3',3'-dinitroacetophenone : 4-tert- butyl-3,5-dinitro-2,6-dimethyl acetophenone : 1-(4-(1,1- dimethyl ethyl)-2,6-dimethyl-3,5-dinitrophenyl) ethanone : 3,5- dinitro-2,6-dimethyl-4-tert-butyl acetophenone : 2,6- dinitro-3,5-dimethyl-4-acetyl-tert-butyl benzene : Berje : Musk Ketone : Fleurchem : musk ketone : John D. Walsh : Musk Ketone : Moellhausen : musk ketone 99pc min. nature identical kosher : Penta : musk ketone : Polarome : MUSK KETONE : SAFC Global

Technical Specification

Product Musk ketone
Physical State yellow powder
Specific Gravity 0
Refractive Index 0
Melting Point 135
Boiling Point 395
Flash Point 100


CAS No. 81-14-1
FEMA 0000

Perfumery Applications

Typical usage in perfume compounds


Application Suitability

Used in these perfume types but not limited to them.


9 = Very Good Performance

8 = Good Performance

7 = Reasonable performance

6 = Fair performance

5 = Mediocre performance

4 = Slight stability problems

3 = Discoloration Problems

2 = Stability problems

1 = Major problems

0 = Not recommended for use

Important Notes:

End application data applies to experiments carried out by the authors or extrapolated from those experiments using computer algorithms. As application product formulations vary widely this information is only a general guide.

Full testing by both perfumers- flavorists and end users is the only proven method to ensuring a perfume or flavours safety- strength- suitability- stability and success.

Legislation and regulations vary widely and change with time so it is your duty to check this.

Alcoholic Perfume 9
Anti-perspirants/Deo 5
Creams and Lotions 6
Lipsticks 0
Talcum Powder 9
Tablet Soap 9
Liquid Soap 9
Shampoo 9
Hair Conditioner 8
Bath/Shower Gel 9
Cold Wave 1
Acid Cleaner 0
Ammonia 4
Chlorine 3
Detergent Powder 6
Liquid Detergent 7
Fabric Softener 7
Candles 4
Pot Pourri 8
Incense 8