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Lyral Aroma Ingredients

SKU 3MG00282

Lyral (generic name HMPCC) is soft delicate floral lily cyclamen hydroxycitronellal delicately sweet-light-floral outstanding-tenacity radiation muguet honeysuckle lavender bergamot all peony freesia sweet-pea frangipani.
Please note that Lyral is now prohibited for use in the EU. Please check out Lilyrealâ„¢ (a HMPCC Substitute which conforms to the new EU regulations and can be used at all normal levels)

US$0.23 /gram

Lilyreal IFRA Specialty Bases & Blends

SKU 6MG18474

Lilyrealâ„¢ is an IFRA-50 and EU compliant base and can be used to replace HMPCC (aka Lyral, Leerall, Kovanol etc.) it has a soft delicate floral lily cyclamen hydroxycitronellal-like odour delicately sweet-light-floral with outstanding-tenacity and radiation, lasting 300+ hours on a smelling strip. Useful in all floral, flowery perfumes as a floralizer and fixative and can generally be used without limitation. (formerly HMPCC* Substitute IFRA 6MG0282X : HMPCC aka Lyral, Leerall, Kovanol etc.)

US$0.23 /gram