The Perfumery Training Kit

The perfume kit that makes learning perfumery as simple as ABC....

And we really mean that easy.

Unique to PerfumersWorld, the most advanced perfumery training kit ever offered publicly.

The kit compliments our unique copyrighted system of The ABC's of Perfumery and is an excellent companion to our Foundation Course in The Art and Technology of Perfumery.

Create the style of your favorite fragrances and personalize them just for you, your company or products.

The kit forms an ideal introduction to studying perfumery and integrates with our professional training courses.

What you get:

  • Starter Perfumery Course
  • The Perfumers Workbook perfume creation program on USB Thumbdrive. (Mac & Windows)
  • Registration for The Perfumers Workbook (to allow adding your own materials)
  • 50 pre-formatted fragrance types to generate unlimited formulas automatically
  • 40 page Booklet with 30 demonstration formulas to get you started
  • 25 x 10g (˜10ml) concentrated perfumery bases based on our copyright system The ABCs of Perfumery?
  • 100g (˜100ml) of non-alcoholic solvent, a cosmetic grade carrier oil to replace alcohol
  • Dropper tops that make measuring as easy as 1,2,3
  • 5 trial mixing containers
  • 2 packs of specialist smelling strips
  • 2 perfume bottles for your finished creations
  • Packed in a handy re-sealable storage box for safety and no-smells.
  • Integrated with The Perfumer's Wizard from which you can generate unlimited formulas

Opening The Perfumery Training Kit

The Perfumer's Wizard
- You don't have to order you can make it yourself!

The Perfumery Training Kit's 26 Materials:
Note: There maybe slight changes to the list and names provided below,
to comply with changing IFRA and EU regs, product updates and improvements.

A A-Aldehyde Fleuressence 6AN07832
B B-iceBerg Fleuressence 6BB07833
C C-Citrus Fleuressence 6CL07830
D D-Dairy Fleuressence 6DD08537
E E-Edible Fleuressence 6EG08432
F F-Fruit Fleuressence 6FD10042
G G-Green Fleuressence 6GG07716
H H-Herb Fleuressence 6HL11969
I I-Iris Fleuressence 6IA09182
J J-Jasmin Fleuressence 6JN08956
K K-Konifer Fleuressence 6KL11970
L L-Linalool Fleuressence 3LL00278
M M-Muguet Fleuressence 6MM08681
N N-Narcotic Fleuressence 6NJ07696
O O-Orchid Fleuressence 6OV09421
P P-Phenol Fleuressence 6PP09422
Q Q-Queen of the Orient Fleuressence   6QV09582
R R-Rose Fleuressence 6RR07636
S S-Spice Fleuressence 6SP12451
T T-Tar 'n Smoke Fleuressence 6TW11971
U U-Animal Fleuressence 6UU12452
V V-Vanilla Fleuressence 6VW10849
W W-Wood Fleuressence 6WY10132
X X-Musk Fleuressence 6XU09440
Y Y-Mossy Fleuressence 6YH12453
Z Z-Zolvent Fleuressence 6ZZ00501

Fleuressence TM Bases come under the classification of specialty bases and are made from aroma chemicals, natural essential oils, isolates, absolutes and PerfumersWorld captive ingredients and can be used as building blocks to create professional perfumes very quickly like The Custom Creation Kits

Speciality/Specialty Fleuressence TM bases are also used to replace unobtainable materials like natural fruit essential oils, rare natural materials, animal products or where special effects are required. Almost any styles of perfumes can be created very quickly using only Fleuressences or they can be used with any other industry standard aroma materials.