Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to our courses.

Q. Tell me more about PerfumersWorld
A. PerfumersWorld was formed to promote fine creative perfumery and open the art of perfumery to a much wider audience. Increasingly, the perfumer has become just another member of the production team and the bulk of perfumery work has become restrictively cost controlled for purely commercial purposes. PerfumersWorld is one of the few places of its kind where you can visit us at our showroom and talk with your instructors in person, buy raw materials, bottles, cosmetic and toiletry bases or just smell the materials on display.

Q. Who is the "perfumer" at PerfumersWorld?
A. Stephen V. Dowthwaite is the principle instructor and founder of PerfumersWorld. He has been the industry since 1971 and trained in fine perfumery in the UK (Picot Laboratories — one of the last creative perfumery houses in the UK whose perfumes are now in the Jovan stable).
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Q. How big is PerfumersWorld?
A. PerfumersWorld now has students working in 8 out of 10 of the top ten perfumery houses from more than 40 countries worldwide including the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, China, Israel, Poland, India, Bangladesh, the UAE, Hong Kong, Australia, Columbia, Brazil, Pakistan, Turkey, Taiwan and Venezuela.
PerfumersWorld probably has more students than all of the other perfumery courses in the world put together.

Q. How do I pay for the courses?
A. After we have received and checked over your application we will confirm whether our courses suit your objectives. If we believe you can benefit from them, we will then send you a choice of alternative payment methods. We accept payment by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Western Union Cash Transfer, Bank Transfer etc.

Q. Do you accept all applicants?
A. Most, but if we do not think you will benefit or move towards your stated objectives we may direct you to alternatives, although these alternatives are few in number. We have high school age students to students in their 70's. You are never too young to learn.
We advised one student that completed our application questionnaire with a score of 98% percent, who then went on to complete a second, more difficult, one n scoring over 90%, that he didn't need to do the course. He insisted that he wanted to continue and we allowed him to enroll. After recently completing a 2-week Master Class he declared that it had been "the most fulfilling weeks for a long time". We have many "students" with well over 10 years professional perfumery experience (and as much as 30 years) and we have to confess that we learn as much from them as they do from us.

Q. Where can I find out about other perfumery courses?
These are main courses in the world that we know about:
1) King Mongkut University, Bangkok: Masters degree elective in the BioTech Faculty run once a year in the Thai language by PerfumersWorld
2) Shanghai University: A comprehensive, 7-year course for Chinese students; mainly chemistry and technology.
3) There is new course in Yokohama/Tokyo Japan. The content is mainly academic and delivered in Japanese.
4) Plymouth University, UK: "The Business of Perfumery" (linked to the IFEAT course)
5) ISIPCA: A very good residential course (up to 7 years) French-language skills advisable. Short courses available for students sponsored by companies.
6) Cinquième Sens (Monique Schlienger): Customized training programs in perfumery for professionals and interested individuals.
7) Givaudan, Symrise and Firmenich all have limited courses for their employees.
We know of no major courses in the USA, India or Australia.
Check with your local universities as they may have short courses that cover perfume/cosmetics.
Check with the Cosmetic Society in your country, they may have courses with a perfumery element.
Some perfumery aspects are covered by aromatherapy courses on the Internet.

Q. How is PerfumersWorld training different from other courses?
A. There are very few courses available, as we have already pointed out, but the focus on all of the other courses we know of, with the exception of the French course, is on the theoretical aspects of perfumery chemistry and business studies rather than hands on perfume creation techniques. PerfumersWorld training is much more focused on the practical training in the art of perfumery. In covering technical issues we assume no prior chemistry knowledge and provide the information you need in practical terms without going deeper than necessary. We figure you will go on to do a degree in chemistry if that's what you want; as a subject that's taught already at hundreds of universities worldwide, its best left to them. We do find however, even for our chemistry graduate students (we have hundreds, and even teach PhDs and Professors) that the courses add a perspective on chemistry that is not covered in mainstream university courses. If you want to learn practical skills and techniques that you can use every day, come to us.

Q. Do you award a certificate or diploma?
A. Yes, we supply a uniquely named and numbered certificate at the end of each course with your grade, even for the Foundation Course. If you join one of our courses at a university then you receive a joint PerfumersWorld/University certificate (below right). Certificates are verifiable online by any prospective employer.

Q. Are student places really limited for the courses?
A. Yes.
FOUNDATION COURSE — No limit set at present, but this may be reviewed in the future
SENIOR COURSE — 20 students accepted per month
PROFESSIONAL COURSES — 10 students per month
Note: If no places are available at the time you apply, then we will offer you the first available vacancy.
We may use results of the Foundation Course to prioritize students that demonstrate that they will be able to keep up with the intensity of the Senior and Professional Courses.

Q. I am very eager to learn the basics of perfumery (for commercial purposes) but am particularly interested in "natural perfumes" (made without synthetic ingredients). Can I follow your courses and then substitute for all natural ingredients with time or are "conventional perfumery" and "natural perfumery" two completely different things?
The principles of perfumery are the same whether you are using natural or synthetics or a combination of both. There are some effects that are difficult, if not impossible, to achieve without synthetics and there is a depth and richness that only naturals can provide. If you decide to follow a course in perfumery, wherever that may be, even if you only use naturals, ensure that it introduces chemistry too. Natural essential oils and floral absolutes are mixtures of naturally produced chemicals and to understand the oils properly (smell, classification, emotional and therapeutic effects, irritation, toxicity, stability, colour changes, etc.) some background knowledge of the chemistry is extremely valuable. As you used the word commercial — which implies quantity, consistency and price — means that a deeper knowledge of the sources, supply and availablity of your materials is crucial. NB. Don't be too put off if you have a phobia about chemistry. The knowledge that you need only takes a few hours to master and is even quicker during one of our workshops with our innovative techniques.

Q. If I buy the foundation kit, do I get a certificate?
A. Yes, as long as you complete the online Foundation Course.

Q. Do I hav to come to Thailand to receive the certificate when I finish a course.
A. No, it is not necessary to come to Thailand to receive your certificate. We send it to you as a file you can print yourself.

Q. How many fragrances will I be able to make with foundation kit?
A. You can make almost any style of perfume with The Perfumery Training Kit. So the answer to how many, is as many as you want. The combinations possible are almost inifinite.

Q. Will this course really help me?
A. It requires some dedication from you too.

Q. Because I have tried different materials and courses and wasted a lot of money, will I just be wasting more money?
A. If you have any doubts, just try going through the FREE online Foundation Course before buying the Kit or materials. You should then see how PerfumersWorld courses compare to the others you have tried without spending ANY money.

Q. Will I achieve anything because I would really love to make my own signature perfume.
A. The very first person to get The Perumery Training Kit in 1999 was a princess. She created a perfume the very first day using 13 of the materials from the kit and it has been on the market now for 16 years!

Q. Do you create custom perfumes?
A. Yes, we can and do. Please contact us for more information.

Q. If I want you to duplicate Gucci Guilty will you able to do it? If yes, how much would it cost.
A. If you want to copy a perume on the market you can do it the old-fashioned way, by following the methods taught in our training. But to get the best results, a chemical analysis of the perfume is necessary first, which starts at $300 per sample. This shows you the major components used in that perfume but more work is still necessary to get the small details right.