The F-TECPW Pro Perfume Creation System

F-TEC to the power of the Perfumer's Wizard
Don't wait for the perfumers, BE the perfumer.
5 minutes from Concept to Sample for any project.

"For over 50 years I have felt that the principles of perfumery could be taught in just a few days, and through PerfumersWorld's Workshops we have proved it thousands upon thousands of times.
On the 1st-3rd November 2022 at in-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok, PerfumersWorld launched the all-new edition of the 25 year long established Fleuressence prime odour bases, Fleuressence-Technology or, F-TEC. F-TEC has now been integrated with the Perfumer's Wizard online software to form F-TECPW as a complete system of perfume creation.
The combination is so synergistic as a tool that the novice can go from Zero to Perfumer Hero making any style of fragrance in just a few minutes. It is not just a perfume formula generator, it trains the user as its used.
Formulas can be made for all high quality perfume and toiletry applications (excepting those requiring flavour materials, like toys and lipsticks) in full IFRA & EU compliance. In an optional 2-day training course, with an online alternative to follow soon, we also show you how to modify very quickly for special applications and to meet cost limitations.
Over the 20 active hours of the exhibition 222 original fragrances were created for clients in an average of just 5.4 mins per fragrance from concept to bottle."
"I believe it is the easiest, most efficient, most powerful and fun system for perfume creation and training to ever be offered, and therefore ultimately the most economical way to learn perfumery and start up a business too."

Stephen V. Dowthwaite, Founder, PerfumersWorld


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Explorer - 164 materials $1195.10

(Package Value $1,695.10 saves $500)
1-year subscription to The Perfumer's Wizard Professional Access
Explorer 10g F-TEC Custom Creation Kit
Makes typically 500 to 1,000 samples**
Average cost 1/4oz 25% perfume $1.00-$2.00 (+ alcohol, bottle etc.)
Shipped Free World Wide

Home Business - 164 materials $2,095.30

(Package Value $2,595.30 saves $500)
1 years subscription to The Perfumer's Wizard Professional Access - normally $1,000
Small Display F-TEC Custom Creation Kit normally $1,595
Makes typically 1,250 to 2,500 samples**
Average cost per 1/4oz 25% perfume $0.70-$1.40 (+ alcohol, bottle etc.)
Shipped Free World Wide

Turn-Key-Business - 164 materials $3,495.60

(Package Value $3,995.60 saves $500)
1 years subscription to The Perfumer's Wizard Professional Access - value $1,000
60cc/ml Full 164 material Display Set F-TEC Custom Creation Kit (Value $2,995)
Makes typically 2,500 to 5,000 samples**
Average cost per 1/4oz 25% perfume $0.60-$1.20 (+ alcohol, bottle etc.)
Own Brand Labeling Included by request
Shipped Free World Wide


Acrylic Shelf System.
2-day live training program in Bangkok or an online alternative will be available soon.
Refills are available for all F-TEC materials in any quantity.

**Makes typically.. and **Average cost..

These estimates are based on travelling with our raw material kits in Workshop settings where groups of 20 or more students use the materials to make a wide range of perfume styles over several days and tend to use the materials evenly. In certain locations like the Middle-East the Agarwood and heavy notes tend to be used more extensively. In Europe, Muguet, White Oak, Chrome Citrus etc. tend to be used more than other materials. A single user focusing only on reworking the same or similar fragrances in many iterations may use up certain materials in only a few trials, In these cases refills or spare bottles will be required and may be purchased separately to top up those materials that get used more than others.

FAQs about the F-TECPW

**Fleuressence-TEChnology to the POWER of The Perfumer's Wizard

The Perfumer's Wizard integrated with The F-TEC Custom Creation System, a perfume business-in-a-box. Modernized to reflect the 25 years of changes in perfumery that have taken place since the original Fleuressence™ Bases were created. Now longer odour lives, better compatibility with oil and waxed based products like Candles, Melts, Massage Oils etc. Easy IFRA compliance. Even without any previous perfumery experience within 2 hours of practice you can be ready to start creating signature scents and perfumed products for your clients.

Who is the F-TECPW System for?
1. Experienced Perfumers for super-quick formula creation.
2. Cosmetics R&D departments for prototyping unique perfumes in minutes.
   For in-house or out-sourced production.
3. Budding Perfumers to rapidly develop new creative techniques.
4. Perfumers creating custom perfumes for retail clients.

Ready to launch?
1. Keep it 100% your secret and blend yourself
We send you the base documentation to do the compound certificates yourself.
Or enter it onto the secure online IFRA checker to get an instant report.

2. Request PerfumersWorld to compound for you
Easy stock management of just a single SKU.
Shipped to you or your product manufacturer/packer.
PerfumersWorld takes care of the documentation for you.
No price difference between buying ready made and blending yourself.
All materials and compounds stored 24/7/366 in environment controlled conditions.

Advantages of the F-TECPW system
Super-fast creation with a very short learning curve (typically 2 hours).
25 year system of Fleuressence Bases with no break in supply.
High compliance with IFRA 50 and EU requirements.
Only first grade fine fragrance materials used.
No Phthalates, Glycols or Animal Extracts.
Free of Lyral and EU prohibited ingredients.
Solvents used are flavour grade materials.
Improved oil and wax product compatibility.
Longer odour lives on paper, cloth, hair and skin.
Low Cost System Entry $10/sample to $5,000/full business system.

How can the F-TECPW help me learn and improve perfumery skills so much faster than other methods?
Traditional training methods focus on learning from a BOTTOM to TOP approach
(learn materials > build accords > create perfumes)
The PerfumersWorld F-TECPW with The Perfumer's Wizard system starts with an objective driven method TOP to BOTTOM
(perfume objective > building blocks required > identify raw materials)
Its crazy fast!

I don't want to be dependent on bases for my artistic needs or my business.
The point is that you aren't! Once you understand the system you can use any materials, even using only aroma chemicals or only naturals.
Its simple and we teach you the essentials of creation in the Foundation Course or Workshop.
In the Professional Level Workshop we teach you how to apply the F-TECPW system to any application or project.

How can I make perfumes for price sensitive products with the system?
The TOP > BOTTOM method makes it very, very, very easy to create the odour you want and then adjust your perfume for
Specific Product Applications
Specific Clients
Cost targets
It's simpler than you think but it requires that you FULLY understand the PerfumersWorld ABCs of Perfumery™ system** to maximise the potential.
**The ABCs of Perfumery™ a COMPLETE SYSTEM of classification AND creation.

How established is the Fleuressence system?
Fleuressence: (25 years on the market with thousands of perfumes on the market using them with no interuption in supply) and the F-TEC (Fleuressence-Technology 2022). The two ranges of materials are very similar in odour and use except that F-TEC has improved compatibility in oil or wax based products like Massage Oils, Candles, Melts etc. while still working just as well in alcoholic perfumes, toiletries and cosmetics.

There are also many other changes that make the F-TEC series easier to work with the latest IFRA guidelines. eg. Natural Basil Oil is limited to a fraction of 1% in a formula, Basil Fleuressence to 1-2%, but Basil F-TEC can be 100% of your perfume oil used at 20% in Alcohol and as all the F-TECs use the same technology they can all be used in any proportion in a formula with each other without worrying so much about exceeding the guidelines for most of the 12+ categories of products during the creation stage. This makes the F-TECs series much more flexible to use when IFRA and EU requirements are a concern.

Important Note: F-TEC or Fleuressence bases are not designed for Baby, Mouth or Lip products where the Perfumes used must also be Flavours.

More Info about the F-TEC™ Custom Creation Sets